Currently, we are just over a month away from one the most momentous events in diabetes history. The first-ever UN sanctioned World Diabetes Day.


I am soooo honored to be a part of this…and cannot wait for the official celebrations in New York on 14 November 2007


There will be various “hotspots” around the world, including New York City and Chicago in the United States, as well as Paris, France, Tokyo, Japan, and many many others.

Current plans for these massive celebrations will have the following characteristics, according to the official Unite for Diabetes website:

  • “Walk the World”
    • A symbolic 246 step march, wherein each step represents 1 million people worldwide living with diabetes.
    • Any community can participate, be it the “official” hotspots or smaller communities like my po-dunk little Alaskan town.
    • Please, please, please start a walk in your community. Then head on over to the official World Diabetes Foundation website and register your walk for international recognition!
  • Light up the town!
    • The Empire State Building in NYC and Sears Tower in Chicago already have plans to go blue for WDD07
    • esb_st.jpg
    • Many other communities are also talking about how they can show their blue support for the resolution. It can be as simple as a blue film over the light fixtures, blue circle – themed art at a gallery….any other ideas out there? I invite you to share them with me šŸ™‚
    • You better believe my house will be decked out in blue christmas tree lights!
      • Incidentally, I was most impressed by the Sears tower while in Chicago for the Changing Diabetes World Tour bus, and am soooo excited to see the Empire State Building for the first time.
  • There are many other activities planned now for WDD07, especially in New York. Highlights will include a gigantic circle of blue umbrellas, entertainment, education, the Novo Nordisk Diabetes Bus, speakers (possibly/probably including us youth panel members) and much more right in the vicinity of the UN buildings!

Oh, I’m just so excited. Can you blame me?



  1. This is so exciting! I really want to go but I’m not sure if I can take off school and find transportation there!!

  2. […] Read Kelly’s summary at Unite for Youth. She’s a 21-year-old Portland college student and a member of the Novo Nordisk International […]

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