Welcome to “unite for youth,” a site devoted to the youth of today’s world that are helping to lead the fight against diabetes!

The purpose and goal of this site is to create a forum for youth (mainly college-aged, but anyone is welcome!) from around the world to share their individual experiences concerning diabetes. As is the case with learning to live with other chronic diseases, managing diabetes can sometimes seem like a massive undertaking, especially for the busy youth of today. So, here is a place for youth to share stories of all kinds about living with diabetes.

As a member of the Novo Nordisk International Youth panel, my goal is to raise awareness about diabetes and related chronic health issues among youth around the world.  I live on the west coast of the US, but am excited to be a part of the larger global diabetes community.  As for myself, I have had type 1 diabetes for 5 and a half years, and am currently a college student in Oregon.  My undergraduate major is in biology, and I hope to later go into public health.

Having diabetes affects more than just my life. It can change the lives of people around me as well. So, anyone can have a story about diabetes. Do you have diabetes? Share your story! Does your friend have diabetes? Share your story! Does a family member have diabetes? Share your story! Ever wonder if you will develop diabetes? Share your story!

All stories are welcome, just leave a post or a reply and I’ll put it up!




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