Posted by: kellydh | November 25, 2007

From MSNBC: Helping kids eat healthy at school isn’t so hard

An article today at describes a University of Minnesota study wherein researchers were able to conclude that healthier school lunches were, against conventional wisdom, popular among kids, easy to make and cost nearly the same as traditional fat-and-grease-laden cafeteria foods.  This really shouldn’t come as a surprise, but somehow it does.

Why are we surprised when kids actually like food that is healthy for them?  This study somehow contradicts a previous study done at Stanford that showed kids are more likely to eat pretty much anything if it has that ubiquitous M*Donald’s label on it.

“I think people underestimate the willingness of kids to eat healthier foods,” said Margo Wootan of the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

The debate just keeps raging in both directions: will they?  Won’t they?  How about we just make the healthy food all that more available and palatable, and forgo the question to begin with?


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