Posted by: kellydh | November 12, 2007

Starting off WDD in New York

This week, I am writing to you from New York City, where we are at the United Nations building participating in celebrations and workshops and I am one of the US representatives for a youth summit on diabetes advocacy.  While we are here, there are several exciting activities happening on Wednesday for World Diabetes Day.  First, after deliberations on the current worldwide state of diabetes in the UN assembly, we will be forming a “human circle” (the blue circle is the symbol of the Unite for Diabetes campaign) with blue umbrellas on the lawn of the UN building, then a symbolic 246 step march down 1st Avenue – each step representing 1 million people worldwide affected by diabetes.  Finally, monuments around the world, including the London Eye, the Sydney Opera House, the Sears Tower and the Empire States Building will be lit up in blue (the symbolic color of the campaign) on WDD.  This is where each of you come in.  If you would like, light up your home or your window or such on Wednesday in celebration of World Diabetes Day.  Then, take a picture and email it either to myself or directly to (might take longer).  Then, we will display pictures of places all around the world lit up in blue in celebration.

Once I return to Fairbanks, I would love to share more of my experiences here in New York with all of you, and hearing all your ideas and thoughts for how we can unite for diabetes.  Take care, and if anyone has any questions,  please email me!



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