Posted by: kellydh | September 30, 2007

Local diabetes fair has (some) flair

Today, in my little Alaskan city, we had the 2nd Annual Community Diabetes Education Fair. It was cute.

Having lived Outside for three years now, I had no idea that the thing was going on until about 3 hours into it. My father handed me a brochure as I sat down to lunch and said, “are you going to this?”

What??? In a hurry, I gathered together any World Diabetes Day/UNR/Youth Panel brochures I could finlogo_date.gifd, grabbed a few of my remaining unite for diabetes pins and my last business card (need to make more!) and rushed out the door. I haven’t been here in so long that I needed to make some local contacts.

I gotta say, I’m pretty spoiled. I’ve been to the national ADA conferences, AADE conferences, Children With Diabetes conferences…the big ones. But I actually have little experience with the smaller, community get-together type events. So, it was cute. Several of the big companies were there with patient information booths (and free notepads!!), and I introduced myself to the local Novo Nordisk rep, which was cool.

The most exciting bit of information…our city has already signed the official World Diabetes Day proclamation!! (I’ll post the actual proclamation soon). I met with the local ADA reps, and was really impressed by how quickly they managed to get the city, the borough and the base on board with WDD07. Kudoos to ADA Alaska for being among the first in the nation to get this done!

My job now? Get Alaska Governor Palin to endorse the proclamation. Honestly I’m a little daunted excited to be actually getting involved at this level (I’ve been involved for years…but I still feel like a newbie, what can I say). But, I am hopeful.

Judging from Alaska’s health care track record so far (thanks Uncle Ted and Lisa for voting yes on S-CHIP, even if you are – gasp- GOP), this should go over well.



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