Posted by: kellydh | July 29, 2007

Load up the caravan, the diabetic’s flying.

I’m in the airport.  Flying.  Again.  With diabetes.  On my fifth trip navigating the nation’s airports in little over a month, I am once again weighed down by the immense baggage required of diabetics on route.  Really, we’d make terrible gypsies!  Admittedly, I over-pack to start with, but it only gets worse from there.

The first traveling light casualty to hit diabetics is th small purse.  With a meter, strips, insulin and syringes, there’s no way we can get off with only a small clutch purse.

Then, when traveling, add your infusion sets, all the insulin you’ll need for the trip, keto sticks, tons and tons of test strips, extra meter, Symlin and other medications.  Multiply by two, and there you go.

Oh, but that’s not all.  Don’t forget copious amounts of food and drink (yup, diabetics can still get through with drinks) in case of any potential hypos.  From trail mix to apple juice to Novolog to syringes, I’m a walking pharmacy.

Whew.  This counts as my work-out for the weekend.



  1. I hear you about the purse. And I’m a guy!

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