Posted by: kellydh | July 16, 2007

Egyptian Diabetes

Apparently, according to DNA tests and CT scans, scientists have surmised that the late famous female Pharoah of ancient Egypt, Hatshepsut was “a fat woman in her 50s, with diabetes and rotten teeth, who died of bone cancer.” There go all my romantic notions of Hatshepsut as an athletic, beautiful and regal queen….

But, here’s another case of diabetes waaaay back when. Diabetes is not a new disease, yet it plagues the earth more now than any of our latest microbial foes (i.e. AIDS).

I couldn’t resist mentioning this development here.  Anyone who knows me will attest to my never-ending love for all things Ancient Egypt.  With the latest advances in medical imaging technology, maybe we can learn more about the evolution of ancient diseases in today’s world (such as diabetes).  Yay!  A way to combine my two great loves: Egypt and public health :)…

Read more about the identification of Queen Hatshepsut’s mummy at Boston News.


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