Posted by: kellydh | October 20, 2006

Pass the Pin!


This week the unite for diabetes campaign launched an exciting new section of the website.

Not only can you now sign a petition to support the UN Resolution, but you can “pass the pin” to your family, friends, peers and co-workers over email!

First, “the pin” is the blue circle that is the basic symbol of the whole diabetes campaign. Much like the pink ribbon for breast cancer, we hope that the blue circle will become an easily recognized indicator of support for a UN Resolution on diabetes.

Why a blue circle? The circle represents global unity as we all should work together in the fight against obesity and diabetes around the world. The color blue is the same color used in the United Nations flag, again representing global unity.

So pass the pin with pride, and sign your name in support for the resolution! Remember, we need to pass the message on to 1 billion people around the world, so every single signature and every single pin-passing is giant step in the right direction.

To sign the resolution, go to:

To pass the pin, go to:



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